Management Solutions

TAMS Group offers Management Solutions to companies in need

Team Assessment/Improvement

Business success is generally linked to the ability of the leadership team to drive desired performance outcomes.  However, when individual members of a team, even high performing individuals, do not work well together, performance and productivity can suffer.  By assessing team dynamics and developing a practical roadmap for optimizing team performance we drive improvement in business results.  Most importantly TAMS performance consulting is not based on theoretical models but rather on past engagements where team and financial performance improved.

Human Resources Performance Optimization

Based on years of experience, TAMS provides consulting services to both large (global) and small (growing) organizations on optimizing their Human Resources structure, process and cost.  For larger organizations this may include assessment of how resources, systems and processes are deployed in order to provide maximum performance from a quality, work output and cost standpoint.  Similarly for smaller emerging organizations, we provide counsel on establishing basic Human Resources structure to meet the needs of a growing organization.

Employee Engagement

As noted by most organizational effectiveness experts, employee engagement is linked to productivity, customer engagement, quality, retention, safety, and profit.  With that in mind TAMS identifies the right performance metrics that drive the right accountability, measures the level of employee engagement and works with the organization to address key gaps.  Practical improvement strategies are applied and measured over time.

Compensation and Rewards

Compensation is the single largest expense for organizations of nearly every size. TAMS recognizes that getting the return on your investment is critical, and that the right program design is based on a nuanced approach that considers  company philosophy, strategy and culture. With multi-industry expertise, in-depth experience and access to multiple sources of survey data, we work collaboratively with our clients to develop custom approaches that enhance their efforts to find, retain and develop talent without incurring a higher payroll than necessary or running afoul of compliance rules.

Human Resources Legal Compliance Support

The Federal regulations that mandate Affirmative Action Plans (AAPs) are complex. TAMS compliance consultants, led by an in-house employment attorney, prepare AAPs for organizations of all sizes.  Our compliance experts are available every step of the way to offer practical and pro-active solutions in areas that need to be addressed to assure full compliance. The consequences of not preparing and implementing timely, accurate, and compliant AAPs can range from severe disruption of normal business routines to monetary settlements and even the tarnishing of a corporate reputation.  Our 5-step AAP development process is designed to provide you with an “audit-safe” plan – we guarantee it.

For sensitive situations of alleged sexual, racial/ethnic, religious, and other protected forms of harassment, TAMS is available as an unbiased, confidential third-party to uncover the facts of the situation and suggest an outcome to protect the company and maintain the dignity of effected individuals.