Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition, TAMS Group

Retained Search

TAMS is uniquely qualified to provide best in class retained search services.  Our uniqueness is rooted in having successfully managed retained search for years from both sides of the desk.  We not only understand customer needs as retained recruiters, but having led corporate recruiting functions and successfully supported internal talent acquisition needs we ensure that customer expectations are met.  Our knowledge of sourcing the best talent and effectively selling candidates is second to none.

Recruiting Process Outsourcing

Recognizing that hiring needs fluctuate and that corporate recruiting may not have the capacity to optimally source and recruit candidates, TAMS provides contract recruiting solutions.  We not only provide recruiters that can work from our customer’s worksite or in our offices, but we develop the search methodology and ongoing counsel to ensure that desired hiring outcomes are met.  Fee structure is customized for specific assignment.

Performance & Cost Optimization

One of our strongest consulting competencies, based on previous successes, is recruiting performance and cost optimization.  TAMS works with organizations where talent acquisition is critical to the success of the organization.  Candidate sourcing, corporate branding, recruiting process, interviewing skills and candidate assessments are some of the elements of what we focus on.  We are also very competent at developing talent pipelines via leadership programs, including the development of world class graduate and undergraduate college recruiting.  Beyond developing the right recruiting strategies we drive cost reduction and establish retention strategies which directly impact recruiting volume.  Our experience spans industrial, distribution, financial services, technology and retail market sectors.