TAMS History

TAMS Group was founded out of the desire to continuously build and grow better teams and strategic business partners

After a long corporate career in Human Resources, Dan Simovic founded Strategic Talent Consulting (STC) in 2002 as a way to support various organizations in meeting their business objectives. Switching from a corporate to an entrepreneurial career path was fueled from the passion to build and improve teams across industries and varied corporate cultures.  In the beginning, the primary focus of STC was to identify and place top talent with client companies. In the ensuing years the broader HR consulting practice grew, providing support in areas beyond talent acquisition.  As STC continued to grow it made sure that each client was treated as a strategic business partner and was the reason that all of STC’s clients pursued additional services beyond the first engagement.


TAMS Group aquired THRDIn October 2013, Strategic Talent Consulting purchased the projects and consulting business assets of The Human Resources Department, Inc., a leading provider of cost effective HR solutions in the areas of compensation, compliance, talent management and employee relations.

As a result of this expansion, STC rebranded itself as TAMS Group (Talent Acquisition & Management Solutions). The new brand simply reflects the two core service offerings TAMS supports.  The key word in the new brand is “solutions”.  Beyond having strong technical expertise on its team, TAMS focuses on getting results and providing the right/customized solution for each client.