OFCCP-Ready Affirmative Action Plans

Rely on our expertise with the assurance that your AAP is compliant. Our Audit Safe Guarantee ensures that clients that follow our methodology will meet OFCCP requirements. With over 25 years of experience working with a variety of clients and the OFCCP on hundreds of compliance reviews, checks and desk audits - TAMS Group has the experience necessary to ensure your organization remains compliant.

All of our clients are provided with multiple versions of AAP reports so that reporting can be used internally and externally. We prepare your Affirmative Action and EEO reports with data that comes directly from your organization's HRIS or payroll system. Data is exchanged securely and reports are provided by TAMS Group, with an oppotunity to review and revise before the final AAP is published.

TAMS Group will prepare a mock audit of your Affirmative Action Program and review potential areas of concern far before OFCCP ever arrives. Our AAP experts will review and discuss your organization's underutilization, adverse impact and compensation disparity reports to prepare you for any concerns that may arise during an OFCCP compliance check.