Training to Ensure Your Company's Compliance

Organizations who are new to Affirmative Action compliance or are in need of a refresher can benefit from our introductory training program. We meet with your team to discuss the basic steps toward compliance. This training is approximately 45 minutes in length and will help you grasp the essential concepts related to Affirmative Action Compliance.

AAP Basics Training

Take the next step in your organization's Affirmative Action understanding. Companies who are truly compliant make sure that their Recruiting Team serves as a key piece in their AAP process. This training is approximately 60 minutes in length and discusses more complex topics related to Affirmative Action Compliance such as the internet applicant rule, dispositioning practices and database searches.

AAP Recruiter Focused Training

TAMS Group offers Professionalism and Anti-Harassment Training for both managerial and non-supervisory employees. This comprehensive training looks at all aspects of workplace behavior and provides the best practices for preventing harassment in the workplace. Employees will not only gain an understanding of what harassment is, but will also learn how to help prevent harassment claims, appropriately react if they are met with uncomfortable situations and better understand strategies that will protect your organization and fellow employees.

Professionalism in the Workplace Training