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2019 & 2020 EEO-1 Data Collection Now Open

EEOC has opened the online portal for the 2019 and 2020 EEO-1 Component 1 data collection. The portal will remain open for filing until July 19, 2021. Filers should begin preparing their data and reach out to TAMS Group with any questions. We will cover some of the more frequent questions we have received in this post.

Does My Company Need to File?

All employers with 100 or more employees and federal contractors meeting certain thresholds will be required to file. Note that employers with less than 100 employees who are owned or affiliated with another entity such that the combined employee count is over 100 employees may also be required to file this report.

If you are still unsure, EEOC has provided a 4 question walkthrough to help you determine if your company is required to file the report under "Who Must File".

What Data is Being Collected?

Companies will be required to file both their 2019 and 2020 EEO-1 Report (if they met the filing requirements in both years). Eligible companies will be required to first file for 2019, then file for 2020 after the 2019 report is submitted and certified.

The workforce snapshots will be based off of one pay period between October 1 and December 31 of both 2019 and 2020. Companies must select a single pay period from each year to serve as the basis of their report. They will then prepare a headcount report by location and EEO code that includes employees' self-identified race, ethnicity and gender. Even if an employee was terminated before the end of the year, the employee must be included in the report if they appear on the workforce snapshot pay period.

Companies need not select the same workforce snapshot pay period for 2019 and 2020.

In addition, companies will need the company HQ address, every location's physical address, and the respective EIN, DUNS and NACIS Code for their establishments.

My Company has Previously Filed an EEO-1 Report

Companies that have filed before will receive a letter via US Mail that includes your Company ID and Passcode. These letters were sent out April 19, 2021. These credentials should be used to create a new user account in the EEO-1 Component-1 Online Filing System. Please note that credential from prior data collections will not work in the new EEO-1 filing system.

If you have not received, or cannot locate the EEO-1 notice letter, you should contact the EEO-1 Component 1 Filer Support Team to obtain the passcode and update the contact information if needed.

New Filers - Companies Filing for the First Time

If you have not previously filed an EEO-1 report for your company, you must create a user account in the EEO-1 Component 1 Online Filing System. You can follow this link to begin the process.

Multi-Establishment Companies

If your company is part of a larger corporation (parent company) it should be included in the same EEO-1 Report. EEOC has made clear that even if a company has a different EIN than the parent company's corporate headquarters, as long as the establishments are commonly owned, controlled, managed or affiliated subsidiaries/holdings they must be included in the same EEO-1 Component 1 report.

The Authorized Contact Person for My Company has Changed

If the authorized contact person(s) no longer works for the company, please submit updated contact information via the Contact Us form on the EEOC site. You will be required to provide the company name, EIN, company ID, company passcode (if you have it), new contact name and other details. A ‘Change of Contact’ letter on company letterhead in electronic PDF format, signed by an authorized company representative, will be required if the request is made by someone who is not currently listed as an authorized point of contact.

Please contact the EEO-1 Component 1 Filer Support Team if you need to report a contact change, or if your company has experienced any acquisitions, spinoffs, or mergers that occurred between January 2019 and December 2020.

Large Batch Filing vs. The Online Form

While the online portal is available now for filing with the online form, large file batch upload will not be available until May 26, 2021. Instructions on batch filing and a possible template are not yet available, but EEOC has stated "The filer support page on the website will include data file upload instructions in late May 2021, when the data file upload option is available." EEOC has also noted that specifications will be "similar" to those provided in previous years.

We Need Help Filing!

If your organization needs assistance with the 2019 and 2020 EEO-1 Component 1 filing, do not hestiate, and reach out to TAMS Group today!