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CSAL Notices Will No Longer Be Mailed by OFCCP!

As many of you may already know OFCCP publishes a list of all contractors that were mailed a Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letter (CSAL) on its Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) website. CSAL notices give contractors 45 days notice to prepare for the impending audit. Though OFCCP is under no legal obligation to give contractors advance notice of an audit Scheduling Letter, the CSALS were sent as a courtesy.

In what is noteworthy news, OFCCP has reported that it will no longer be mailing the CSAL notices to establishments slated to receive a Compliance Review. This may be due to the number of complaints it received in 2018 regarding contractors never receiving CSAL notices that were mailed out by OFCCP. Contractors will now have to check the FOIA website to see if their establishments are on the CSAL lists. Scheduling Letters initiating a Compliance Review will still be mailed to establishments under review.

TAMS Group will work to notify its clients when OFCCP adds more contractors to the CSAL list. New additions to the CSAL list are expected to be released during the first half of 2019.

Keep in mind, OFCCP currently limits the number of Scheduling Letters a contractor will receive to no more than 10 establishments of any parent company and no more than four establishments of a single contractor in a single district office. Additionally, no establishment that received a CSAL, concluded a review, or concluded progress report monitoring resulting from a conciliation agreement or consent decree, within the last five years, will be selected for audit.